Orthopaedic & Soft Tissue Surgical Procedures at Your Own Practice



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If you need surgical care for your pet or patient, but mounting costs are challenging, then hopefully my service will help.


Veterinary care is just like medical care for humans in many respects. Advances in our knowledge, advances in technology and improvements in care and medicines have all contributed to escalating costs.


Specialist referral centres have been developed at great cost. They provide incredible care, probably superior to that which their owners might experience in the NHS but their costs have naturally risen substantially.


At the same time the insurance providers have all been hit by the challenges facing the banking industry. They no longer make the sort of profits from the stock markets that they did, and consequently they seek to make more money directly from pet owners, whilst reducing the contributions they make for treatments.


This combination of factors has produced a perfect storm making many surgeries inaccessible for many owners, and even owners of insured pets can find they have far too little cover, or carefully worded small print prevents them from using their insurance policy.


In April 2014 I launched  my service, based in the Staffordshire Moorlands and the North West, to provide an alternative.  I also work with Ratavetsurgery.co.uk based in the South West - a group of similar surgeons, allowing us to cooperate and discuss cases.


If you are a pet owner, please note that as a referral service, I cannot liaise directly with owners unless their details are forwarded to me.